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 Collection > Texas Instruments > 386

Texas Instruments 486SLC/E-25
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Model 386
Architecture x86
Core frequency 25 MHz
Targeted market Laptop PCs
Package PQFP-100
Physical informations
Package Size 2,28x2,28 cm Manufacturing process ???
Die size ??? Transistor count ???
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 25 MHz Width 32 bits
Core/Bus ratio 1.0x L1 cache 1 KB
Voltage ??? TDP ???
Other informations
Functions/Features None
Part Number TX486SLC/E-25MAB (OEM)
Collection's model
Serie TX486SLC/E-25MAB
Manufacturing date ???/???
Manufacturing Country ???
Rarity ****
Visual state Good state
Visual state details Markings : intact
Missing Pins/Balls : 0
Origin :
Surface state : few scratches
Stickers : 0
Functionnal state Not tested, should work
Comments Markings say: "TX486SLC-25" without any "/E" - which means it has no power management (naming is the same as with the Cyrix Cx486SLC/DLC line). Soldered to full-lenght E-ISA Compaq built SCSI-controller right next to CHIPS 82C836. 'nuff said.